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Marvirc, the trendy IRC bot

Written the .

For our usage, two hoackers have made an IRC bot called Marvirc. This bot is based on the following libraries: Hoa\Irc, Hoa\Socket, Hoa\Websocket and Hoa\Console (with dependencies).

The goal of this bot was twofold. Firstly to test Hoa\Irc and see its limitations (Yohann Dupont and Matthieu Codron are working on new features). Secondly we needed an IRC bot for several tasks such as Git notifications, monitoring, links generator etc. This bot has been mainly made by Ivan Enderlin and the Hoa\Irc library has been mainly developed by Yohann. Hoa's team has forked this bot to add its own actions. Adding a new action to mentions, messages and private messages is pretty simple, take a look at the Also this bot has a great feature called “Possession through WebSocket”. The bot is able to start a WebSocket server and each received message is redirected verbatim on the IRC client. Thus, to take an example from the

$ marvirc join --socket \
                   --username  FakeMarvirc            \
                   --channel   '#hoaproject'          \
                   --websocket &
    $ echo 'You are awesome :-).' | hoa websocket:client --server

And we will see the bot saying You are awesome. This is very easy to use and this eases a lot realtime notifications from several services such as Git hooks.

Today we are happy because the official page of Marvirc on Github has been visited more than 2500+ times in less than 48 hours. This is the 18th trending PHP repository on Github today:

You are welcome to contribute on this bot or on the underlying libraries, such as Hoa\Irc. Thanks you!