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Since yesterday, Hoa's libraries have been downloaded more than 200,000 times from Packagist!

Whilst we care a lot about it (remind this presentation given at the Hoa Apex 2nd edition, our community event), with such a download volume, the code quality is in the center of our concerns like never before. With more than 100,000 assertions in our unit tests and the deployment of our own continuous integration tools (coming soon publicly!), we are able to ensure and to continue to release quality code while improving libraries.

Rush, our own release processus, allows to use a version format close enough to semver to use it easily in your composer.json files. This approach also eases the use and the integration of Hoa's libraries in other projects. Rush allows to distribute code as soon as it is stable, and bring back together rolling-release and scheduled-based release.

We are very curious and we would love to know who are behind all these downloads. We know that phpmetrics, a static analysis tool for PHP, is a new big-user. Please, contact us to tell how and why you are using one of our libraries! There is free space on our homepage!

While waiting the 1 millionth download, we continue to improve libraries, their documentation, their quality etc.

Thank you very much!