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2015 Q1 report

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The first quarter of 2015 is over. It's time for a short summary!


About the Central, i.e. all libraries:

  • 513 commits,
  • 50 snapshots,
  • 55 goals reached,
  • 0 library finalized.

About the community:

  • +230,000 installations from Packagist,
  • +119 stargazers on Github,
  • +28 forks on Github,
  • +6 contributors : hason, limenet, mikeSimonson, simkimsia, GuillaumeDievart and burex,
  • +3 important trusters: fruux, ownCloud and joliCode,
  • promotion of Hoa\String,
  • +1 new baby!

About the website:

  • 2 blog posts,
  • New design landed,
  • Search bar landed,
  • Comments landed,
  • 4,448 unique visits (top 5: 25% France, 8% USA, 6% Germany, 5% Switzerland, 4% Russia),
  • 15,793 viewed pages (9,565 unique ones).

In addition, Hoa Apex 3rd edition is under preparation!

What does it mean?

We are happy with these numbers. Our most recent focus was to replace Rolling Release by Rush Release —a mix between Rolling Release and Scheduled-based Release—. It has increased Hoa's adoption and solved several issues with installation tools such as Composer. Feedbacks are all positives.

The number of reached goals is impressive and I would like to thanks every contributor: This is an incredible work!

The new website required a lot of time to be polished. Everyone agrees this version is visually better. Information are more accessible. The search bar is very helpful and we hope you like it!

What's next?

Go check our roadmap for the Central: It's not finished yet but it's exciting. The most important tasks are still: The documentation, migrate existing tests, move to PSR-1 and PSR-2, finalizing more libraries etc.

About non-code stuff, we have the next edition of Hoa Apex to prepare. This is an important work but every edition is a success so it deserves all this energy!


Thank you everyone for all your kindness, energies and contributions. Every nice words (even on Twitter) encourage the whole community and they are very well appreciated! Thank you for using Hoa and to trust us!