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1 million installations and a meta-shop

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Hello developers!

Today, we are really excited to announce that the project has reached the incredible number of 1,000,000 installations! This is insane 😄. Behind this number, it mostly shows the project is more and more used. The installation curve grows really fast:

Installations of Hoa's libraries through the time.

We often hear that a new project is based on Hoa. It really warms our heart and it provides new motivation to continue harder!

Today, we are also very excited to announce the opening of our meta-shop: hoa-project.COM. If you like the project and you would like to support us, you can do that by buying a product in either our Spreadshirt shop.

Our favorite products are the following:

Hoa Apex 3rd edition goodies
Hoa simple t-shirt

Thank you very much!